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This is very old info - but keeping it archived for your info!

Ah Yes, the technical side of helmet cam recording.... cables, batteries, it seems a real pain.

Although these items add to the "wiring mess" it will simplify your recording and extend the life of your batteries.

LANC remote control button

What it is: This is a push button with an LED on it that controls your camcorder that you are using as a recording device. It plugs into camcorders equipped with this feature.

Why you need it: Early on, I though, naw, I don't need a camcorder with a LANC option... I regretted it the first time out with my helmet cam. Every time I wanted to pause the recording I had to dig into my fanny pack and physically push the pause button... this was a real drag! I then resorted to leaving the recording on all the time. I ended up with one hour of editing misery!... and then my tape would end before my ride did. UGH!

My next cam had a LANC option and I purchased a LANC. It changed my world. My one hour tape lasts me 3 hours or more of MTB ride time and I had much less useless unusable footage I had to edit out.

If you are shopping for a camcorder to use with your helmet cam, make sure it is LANC compatible!

How it works: Once plugged into your cam your camcorder you can power on/off, pause and record. Some cameras can even take still photos. You get feedback through the LED: Red is record, green is standby and blinking red/green means you have less than 5 minutes left on your tape. Pretty cool.

My advice: GET ONE!

LANC "Power Saver"

What it is: This device is controlled by your LANC control button. It powers on and off your helmet cam any time you shut down your camcorder, thus saving the batteries that power your helmet cam.

Why you need it: If you want to get the most from your batteries and prevent accidental recording while you don't have your helmet cam powered up, get one!

How it works: It is simple really. One side plugs in between your LANC cord and the camcorder and the other between your helmet cam and battery source. When ever you turn off your camcorder with the LANC controller it shuts down the power to your helmet cam too - very nice. This will extend your battery life by quite a bit and also prevent you from forgetting to power up your helmet cam when you go to record. Nothing like blank black tape when you review your video.... ask me how I know this??! Doh!

The down side to this item is that it is expensive, mainly because I could only find it available in Europe. With the dollar's weakening against the Euro, it was not a pretty sight when I went to order. After shipping they were about $75 a piece - ouch! (I bought two just to save on the shipping).