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How we test

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Testing... testing...1...2...3.....

We do most of our testing while riding mountain bikes. Currently our bikes of choice are the Ibis Mojo and Santa Cruz Blur.

We choose a MT bikes to do most of the testing because we have very excellent single track near by and it probably represents the many challenges one will face trying to record video in any kind of outdoor sport.

If I'm doing a side-by-side test we will run multiple cams/video recorders at the same time, usually bar mounted. We've run as many as four cams at the same time!

How do WE use our helmet/sport cams for our own use?:

  • Mt biking

  • Road cycling

  • Sailing

  • Kayaking

  • R/C Aerial photography

  • Caving

  • Canyoneering

  • Rock Climbing

The big question is: How will you use yours???!!!