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Technology changes every day!...

There is a new wave upon us and that is HIGH DEFINITION. As this is being written every new sport cam company is working on bringing HiDef cameras in the smallest possible package into the market place. The number of new entries is staggering!

Almost all sport cams today are the "self contained" cameras. No wires, no dangling recording devices. It's all contained within the camera, usually recording directly to an SD or microSD card.

Files are now drag-n-drop for the most part, the biggest challenge will be your software's compatibility with all these new highly compressed files with many different "codecs"(basically the type of file compression used). With that said the most common codec now is H.264 or MPEG4.

At first these cams were only so-so, but the quality keeps going up and the package size and price keeps coming down. I think you will be surprised by the quality of some of these cams today, check out the reviews for the details!

OLD STUFF: If you are still recording with a wired cam and recorder you should know this:

Unless you have a professional recording device most palm sized recorders will record around 500 TV lines of resolution. Additionally (in my opinion) the highest resolution is secondary to good color, proper contrast and white balance.

So do not be confused if the highest resolution camera(s) do not give the "best overall image".

Good factoids about resolution HERE.

For chip technology (like CCD vs. CMOS) check out this insightful article by DALSA, a supplier of this type of technology.